420-Character Stories

Inspired by the works of Lou Beach, this quirky creative-writing style has since become extremely popular among budding writers.

420 Character Short-Stories

The snow stuck to her hair as she trudged through the beaten tundra. Not a bird chirped; the world was silent. Just her heavy footsteps and the squeaking of her rubber boots, and from somewhere far away, she imagined the sound of an engine igniting. She had to hurry. “Ellise!” She heard her husband shriek, from what seemed like years behind her. Keep walking. She lofted her canteen to her lips and took another swig.

( 420 characters. )

Spring did not come this year. Nobody’s quite sure why. I think Mister Winter killed Miss Spring. Or perhaps, it was the envious Madame Summer. It’s so hot now. Eighty degrees in the middle of march? Surely this world is coming to an end! The children don’t play outside anymore; they say it’s too hot. None of the pools are open. Why do we take the world for granted? Maybe Madame Summer wants to teach us a lesson.

( 420 characters. )

“Pack your things, boys!” The captain chortled, thrusting his tankard into the air. “We’ll be off to Jericho tonight!” The crowd around him exhibited their displeasure with a symphony of grunts and groans. “But cap’tin, sah,” A man rose from his seat. “Der’ ain’t no Jer’ko’. Yo’ just drunk.” A few murmurs from the crowd signaled their agreement. “Drunk, he says… Drunk!” The captain roared, and threw his mug at the wall.

( 427 characters. )

I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her body close to my chest. I wanted to scream; scream until my little heart gave out. I knew there was nothing I could do now. She was gone, and she would have wanted me to keep going; to leave her behind. I rose to my feet shakily, and smeared my blood-coated hands against my petticoat. I looked upon her creased face once more, before throwing the knife down beside her. It landed in the dust.

( 428 characters. )

The playground had become a place of villainy. No one, not even Bill Hanse, wanted to play anymore. Ever since Alexandra was attacked, no one in their right mind dared to venture onto the premises. Now it was an arena, fit for only the finest of warriors. The other boys edged him on. His name voiced in staccato, urging him to do it. “Am I really doing this?”, the young boy thought as he struck his victim with a rock.

( 420 characters. )


3 thoughts on “420-Character Stories

  1. savingsandria says:

    Dear, these are great. Thank you for sharing! I want to write some of my own, lol. x ❤

  2. I really enjoyed your writings. However, I do not think this theme gives your writing or your personality the “notice” you deserve! This theme is dull and boring. You seem adventurous and exciting. The theme doesn’t seem to match you or your writing.

    Keep going, great writing!

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