Renowned for her creative-writing abilities and intellectual prowess, highschool student, Cierra Lynch, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most talented teen writers. She has been featured in literary magazines, and landed first place in the ‘Rolling in the Isles’ poetry contest. She continues to pursue her talents through her AP English class, with the aspiration of becoming a ‘political analyst’.


5 thoughts on “PERSONAL WORK

  1. AliciaDarling says:

    Wow, she is a great writer

  2. I like this.

    inb4 kordinn

  3. Artimus says:

    Too bad she’s an asshat of a person and is completely full of herself, snobby and overall just shite. If you can be these qualities now, I just can’t wait to see how your attitude will be once you get into your nice big college and high paying jobs. And before I am “jealous”, please. I am anything but.

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