The Great Gatsby is Back!

Picture © Warner Bros Studio 

 F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless tail is coming to the big screen! ( Again… ) 

  That’s right! The ‘Great Gatsby’ is coming back for round two! This time, the film will be directed by Australian director, Baz Luhrmann. Despite Warner Bros’ high-hopes for their interpretation of Fitzgerald’s award-winning novel, many ‘Gatsbians’ are skeptical of the movie’s success, and feel that it will be a shoddily-constructed remake of Luhrmann’s scandalous film, ‘Moulin Rouge’. 

  However, this is not the first time that the Gatsby has been brought to life. One of the first films was released in 1974, and was directed by Jack Clayton. It received negative reception, and was ultimately deemed a ‘flop’. Then in 2000, the A&E Network produced their own film which aired on March 29th. Thus far, all attempts to remake the dashing story have remained fruitless.

  To make matters worse, Luhrmann plans to produce the film in 3-D. In the words of one disheartened fan, “ We are NOT all 7 year-old children!”

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