‘Think for us’ Thursday!

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“The power to move mountains…”

Russian demonstrators gather in Moscow.

    Yesterday, a gaggle of strong-willed Russian writers led a crowd of over 10,000 anti-Putin demonstrators through the streets of Moscow.  The exhibit; the twelve writers claim, was a meager “test stroll”. Although this little ‘social experiment’ became quite the sensation, their original intentions were to see if a public demonstration – without police intervention- was feasible. In the end, over ten-thousand chanting Moscovites made their way through the ‘Iron City’.

To the pleasure of Lev Rubinstein, 65; a poet and one of the ‘founding’ protesters, police did not interfere and allowed the mass to navigate the streets peacefully.

Bestowed with a new sense of hope, many of the protesters believe that they have finally made head-way, and look forward to the very promising future of liberty in Russia.

– Cierra Lynch