Featuring the Work of Mike Guarino!

Earlier today, we received an email from a rather talented young man. He was nice enough to share some of his poetry with us- which, if I may add, is really well-written! His work will be featured below and in our guest gallery.

A slight drizzle is nice,
enough to cool the burning pavement.
Thunderstorms aren’t bad,
they cool the entire earth.
But those storms with
fat drops feel like  a
flock of blue jays trying
to crack my skull.
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The Great Gatsby is Back!

Picture © Warner Bros Studio 

 F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless tail is coming to the big screen! ( Again… ) 

  That’s right! The ‘Great Gatsby’ is coming back for round two! This time, the film will be directed by Australian director, Baz Luhrmann. Despite Warner Bros’ high-hopes for their interpretation of Fitzgerald’s award-winning novel, many ‘Gatsbians’ are skeptical of the movie’s success, and feel that it will be a shoddily-constructed remake of Luhrmann’s scandalous film, ‘Moulin Rouge’. 

  However, this is not the first time that the Gatsby has been brought to life. One of the first films was released in 1974, and was directed by Jack Clayton. It received negative reception, and was ultimately deemed a ‘flop’. Then in 2000, the A&E Network produced their own film which aired on March 29th. Thus far, all attempts to remake the dashing story have remained fruitless.

  To make matters worse, Luhrmann plans to produce the film in 3-D. In the words of one disheartened fan, “ We are NOT all 7 year-old children!”

Click here to view the trailer!

‘The Secretly Incredible You’ Contest.

Starting next week, every Friday I plan to spotlight the story of a person who is Secretly Incredible.

But I need your help finding these stories. I need you to tell me about the incredible story that either you or someone you know is living.

– Jeremy Statton 

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to anyone who might be interested in submitting work to a writing contest. The contest is hosted by blogger, Jeremy Statton, and looks like a lot of fun. 

For information and terms of entry, click here.

‘Think for us’ Thursday!

It’s ‘Think for us’ Thursday! Today, your job is to write an article concerning political/foreign affairs. The finished product should be at least 100 words, and must be submitted by this Sunday. Remember to word your submission carefully, as this is a formal writing assignment and should be treated as such. Mail your articles to keynotesfromtheKGB@live.com! If they’re good enough, we’ll share em’!

“The power to move mountains…”

Russian demonstrators gather in Moscow.

    Yesterday, a gaggle of strong-willed Russian writers led a crowd of over 10,000 anti-Putin demonstrators through the streets of Moscow.  The exhibit; the twelve writers claim, was a meager “test stroll”. Although this little ‘social experiment’ became quite the sensation, their original intentions were to see if a public demonstration – without police intervention- was feasible. In the end, over ten-thousand chanting Moscovites made their way through the ‘Iron City’.

To the pleasure of Lev Rubinstein, 65; a poet and one of the ‘founding’ protesters, police did not interfere and allowed the mass to navigate the streets peacefully.

Bestowed with a new sense of hope, many of the protesters believe that they have finally made head-way, and look forward to the very promising future of liberty in Russia.

– Cierra Lynch

Welcome, comrade!

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